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Uta – 12 Tracks

One of the head honchos and resident DJs of the legendary Rec Room parties at OHM Berlin and a Berlin Community Radio co-host, Uta breaks down 12 tracks for almost every occasion.

1. The first track I ever bought

Dr. Alban – No Coke (1990) – “It could be worse, I was 11 and I forced my parents to go to his concert”.


 2. My track of the moment

Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy (1991) – “Some days still always on repeat! This tune will live forever”!

3. Track to get out of bed to

My Bloody Valentine  – Only Shallow (1992) – Typical radio song on morning shows I would say – I mean if I was to have a radio show in the morning, I would play this tune and wake up people in a ‘shallow’ way”.

4. The track to open my next DJ set

Supercat – Ever Ready (recorded 1984 / released in 2015) – This tune is a miracle! It was written in 1984 by young a Supercat, produced and recorded by Jah Thomas. It never came out and finally was discovered 31 years later!  Great tune and a great story behind it. Dance floor opener in style”.

5. I track I used to love which now I can’t stand

The Clash – The Magnificent Seven (1981) – Great song, great band, but too many awesome drunken nights in karaoke bars”.

6. The track I’d play midnight on a Sunday:

Theo Parrish – Heal yourself and move (1998) – Perfect tune to leave the weekend and welcome Monday in a very smooth way. A perfect mantra for the upcoming week as well 🙂 Heal yourself and move.”

7. Favourite track of the 80s

Bryan Ferry – Don’t stop the dance (1985)I love the sound of the 80s. Typical elements of saxophones, electric guitars and synthesizers creating tunes / songs, which represent a very important time of pop sound. I also like the name of the song very much.  You can ask my friends – If I don’t sleep – I am dancing.”

8. The track to rescue a dance floor

D1 – Crack Bong (Loefah Remix) (2005)  Dance floors which I like most could be rescued by playing this dark heavy bass tune. Head-nodding dance floor anthem! A really classy tune by D1! Much respect to producers like    D1, who were embossing the sound of Dubstep back in the days. This is London, 2005.”

9. The track by my favourite new artist

Lurka – Choke (2015) – Lurka is not a really new artist, but he is one of my favorite producers from Bristol with a very refreshing sound. His music is has a great aesthetic and can be playful, mellow, dark and danceable at the same time. I recommend this EP on Hotline Recordings”.

10. An underrated track from Germany

T++ – Allied (2007) Some of you might know T++, but for me, some of his productions are still underrated like this tune. Unfortunately, he stopped producing 6 years ago. He is one of the few German producers, who are not focused on 4/4 Berlin Techno! “  

11. A guilty pleasure

Dire Straits – Six Blade Knife (1978) – “One of the favorite songs of my Dad, taken from the debut album Sultans of Swing. I think of road trips with my family when I am listening to this song. I couldn’t stand this music when I was a child / teenager – but now it’s one of my favorite guitar-rock albums ever”.

12. The track I’d play at my funeral

Ravi Shankar – Raga Jog (1956) – “Taken from the LP album Three Ragas. Everyone should meditate, drinking Yogi Tea and remembering the good times!”

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