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CONE is an independent magazine and media platform covering authentic and innovative creators across all artforms including music, film, and culture. Our objective is to create original and engaging content, providing a platform for the thousands of extremely talented, but largely uncovered, artists to find and engage with their audience

Established in 2014, CONE has a successful history of covering the independent music and art scenes within the UK. 2024 sees the magazine return with a relaunch and re-brand after a nearly four-year hiatus. Now acquired and operating under new management, CONE’s ethos remains the same: spotlight and promote the underdogs in the independent art’s scene. We’ve expanded our scope to cover major music and culture hubs across the globe – driven by a growing audience in the US, Europe and Australia.

The last decade has brought significant innovation and development to the arts world, resulting near-infinite ways to create and engage. Yet the vast majority of today’s artists struggle to make a living off of their work. Streaming and social media algorithms promote virality and momentum over quality and innovation. With the relaunch of CONE, we hope to highlight this disconnect and provide a platform for creators, free from the influence major labels, sponsors and other editorial distractions. 

Stay tuned, many exciting things to come 🍦

We’re looking to expand our relationships with artist management, promoters and press teams interested in features for their clients.

Are you a talented journalist, photo/videographer, content creator? We’d love to hear from you. 

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