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Richard Dawson – Nothing Important

Richard Dawson - Nothing Important|Cone Magazine

Idiosyncratic Newcastle based singer songwriter, Richard Dawson is one not to shy off the morbid realities of death in his body of work. 2011 saw the release of The Magic Bridge, utilising the themes of death and existentialism to draw listeners into the often ignored subjects of life and mortality, giving Dawson a rather inscrutable edge.

2014 is no exception with the release of Nothing Important on Weird World records. The album, made of four extended tracks, delivers an original take on song writing combined with moody improvised guitar riffs. His poetic candour and un-nerving narratives take you into the internal world of a seemingly sensitive man who has experienced pain and suffering. Its objectivity maintains authenticity, and seems almost timeless. It really dismantles the traditional methods of song writing to provide integrity in its themes.

The 16 minute long track titled ‘Nothing important’ begins, “I am born, by caesarian section, 9:30am, in princess marry’s maternity hospital, on the 24th may, 40 years ago today”. It continues to describe the uncomfortable death of a baby’s life, with the appearance of an uncle’s ghost towards the lucid notion of “death within a dream”.


By Peter Malla.


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