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Review /\ BD1982 – Salience EP

bd1982 - Salience EP on Cone Magazine

This month saw the release of BD1982′ new EP Salience – and with it, signifying a new direction for the producer.

Co-head of Tokyo based record label Diskotopia, BD1982 has been tailgating the release of last years Operratorr EP. The label itself seems to struggle somewhat in identifying a clear distinct sound, but this is what makes Diskotopia so original.

Whilst the sound system inspired Operratorr EP concerned itself with industrial melody, Brian Durr has signified Salience as a minor turning point in his sound. Inspired by “various neurophysical responses to environmental stimuli in everyday situations”, Salience is a platform for Brian’s interest in self exploration.

Intro track Spatial is weird and wonderful. The vocal samples twist and turn, push and pull. In fact everything in this record seems to manifest itself in some animalistic form, breathing life in a rather enigmatic sound. It oozes character though, and displays Brian’s initial intentions to partition himself into unfamiliar territory.

Physical, with its phased Moog phrases and obscure signatures,  feels like the soundtrack to Street Fighter on K – with its splashy KAPOW! snare drums, and resisting synth expressions. The tribal percussion finds itself feed through into Obeah Mirrors, and that resisting emotion is again detectable in wobbly textures, washy chords and fluttering stabs. BD1982 manages to create a lot of narrative in his productions, which is a refreshing change from the all too repetitive nature of machine music.

Myakkah’s edit of Rotary drive is a soundtrack to a summers day coastal drive, seemingly integrating that stylistic delayed vocal sample which we see a lot of in Salience. The vibrant sweeping pad oscillates kindly over brittle percussive elements, flirting with your senses.

Salience releases 25th September on Diskotopia


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