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New Documentary ‘Fresh Dressed’ Looks At The Evolution Of Hip Hop Through Fashion

Fresh Dressed Documentary|Cone Magazine

Sacha Jenkin’s, founder of hip hop magazine Ego Trip, premiered his latest creative project ‘Fresh Dressed’ at Sundance film festival 2014.

Fresh Dressed is a chronicle of hip hop, looking at the influence style had on the hip hop heads trying to hustle with their backs to the wall and an MPC in hand. Adidas kicks, Cazal glasses and Kangol hats. This is Fresh. The motive is style. And this style, founded by some of the most influential names in hip hop garnered global recognition, establishing baggy jeans, Air Force 1’s and flamboyant shirts on the catwalks and the high streets.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Jenkins said: “When you live in an apartment with Roaches and stuff, what else do you have? You have your appearance”. He went on to say, “South Bronx in the seventies, being a gang member meant having this jacket that you made on your own. Flash forward to 2014, and kids are getting killed $600 for brands they cant even pronounce properly.”


With interviews from Pharrell Williams, Damon Dash, Karl Kani, Kanye West, Nas Jones, and Dapper Dan (owner of a Harlem apparel store that sold threads to the likes of LL Cool J and Mike Tyson). The doc takes a look at the socio-political, and racial aspects of hip hop and how a fashion can become a philosophy for the oppressed black citizens of America.



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