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32 more Aphex Twin Tracks uploaded to user48736353001 Soundcloud account

Aphex Twin Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2

The illusive Soundcloud account user48736353001 has recently in the last 12 hours uploaded a further 32 more tracks.

All tracks on this account are available for download, and join a roster of 110 other unreleased Aphex Twin tracks uploaded last week. The account holder of this user, is yet be be known. Most likely Aphex Twin himself. And the nature of these uploads is equally bewildering.

These most recent uploads continue to push the boundaries of left-field, unorthodox composition. Keeping in theme with Richard D James’ unique approach to production, we have an array of choppy samples, quirky synth melodies and darn right mind-spanking rhythms.

Check out the new tracks here


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