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8 Tracks – TVAM


TVAM stands as one man, Joe Oxley, but represents an army of cross-medium influence.

His sound ties in the irresistible nostalgia of Boards of Canada, Suicide‘s deconstructed rock’n’roll, and My Bloody Valentine‘s penetrating noise. On-screen influence is taken from Adam Curtis, as Oxley smashes up the ideas into fragments and reassembles them. We caught up with TVAM to find out his 8 tracks for almost every occasion.

1. The first single I ever bought: Girl From Mars – Ash. “After years of cast-offs from my older sister, this is the first single I bought. Not sure what edged this above any other at the time. Probably sounded great whilst pumped-up on wine gums and 2000 AD.

2. My track of the moment: Some Sunsick Day – Morgan Delt. “THAT keyboard riff”

3. A get-out-of-bed track on a sunny day: Dig For Fire – Pixies. “I need some encouragement in the morning (sunshine or showers.) This has about the right level of sun-kissed enthusiasm but takes its time getting there.”

4. A track that I’ve played to death: Seeland – Neu. “I don’t know how this happened but this track became the go-to song to help get my baby son to sleep… It’s the soundtrack to an unspoken battle of wills and an ode to early-onset backache.”

5. A track to get me dancing: We’re Pretty Quick – The Chob. “Best sixties garage floor filler there is.”

6. A track to take me back: L.A. – The Fall. “Spent my college days deep in This Nation’s Saving Grace.”

7. A track I’d play at midnight on a Sunday: Anything by Food Pyramid. “Get your ass to sleep, Joe.”

8. A track by my newest favourite artist: Szechuan – Fatima Al Qadiri. “Her latest album is incredible but I chose this for its lingering riff.”

TVAM will release his brand new track ‘Total Immersion’ on his own label, Physic Data, on November 25th. Thankfully you can listen to it here before buying the vinyl.


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