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KesselsKramer New Identity For Hans Brinker Hotel

Kesselkramer Hans Brinker

The budget hotel has had a identity face lift for its Amsterdam and Lisbon locations.

If you’ve ever travelled to Amsterdam for the weekend and wanted to do it on the cheap, leaving more money for the cities finer delicacies, then you’ve probably stayed in the Hans Brinker. The ‘budget’ hotel that prides itself on the fact that it “couldn’t care less” offers up the very best of mediocre hospitality with a attitude towards its guests that has to be taken with a pinch of salt. To sum it up, the Hans Brinker knows its nothing special and doesn’t try to fool anyone any differently.

For 45 years now the modest approach from the hotel/hostel has seen enough business to open a new location in Lisbon and with it a new brand identity by communications agency KesselsKramer. The new identity features a range of different type faces and slogans such as “same bunk beds, less chance of pneumonia” along with fairly useless products to push the mediocre, below belt satisfaction you can expect when staying in either branch. The Lisbon identity plays on the fact that the hotel is completely the same, with the only different experience you can expect from the Amsterdam branch is better weather.


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