Interview: Moiré – “that kind of society doesn’t care about music”

Moiré (a mathematical / visual process that creates optical illusions from overlayed patterns) is also the name of London based producer who recently blessed the public consciousness with his well received Gel EP on R&S Records. Much can be lauded for the representation that Moiré upholds, having released on some of the most revered labels including, […]

Fort Romeau Announces Frankfurt Versions Remix EP; Insides LP Out Now.

Fort Romeau Ghostly records on cone magazine

This hotly anticipated release will feature a multitude of artists including Roman Flügel, Orson Wells, Massimiliano Pagliara and Tuff City Kids. Built on a robust foundation forged by his debut album Kingdoms, Insides is the second album released by electronic pioneer Mike Greene, aka Fort Romeau, who discusses how preparing and performing in certain European […]