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Fort Romeau Announces Frankfurt Versions Remix EP; Insides LP Out Now.

Fort Romeau Ghostly records on cone magazine

This hotly anticipated release will feature a multitude of artists including Roman Flügel, Orson Wells, Massimiliano Pagliara and Tuff City Kids.

Fort romeau announces frankfurt remixes ep on Cone Magazine

Built on a robust foundation forged by his debut album Kingdoms, Insides is the second album released by electronic pioneer Mike Greene, aka Fort Romeau, who discusses how preparing and performing in certain European clubs has an influence over his creative decisions and processes. The attention to detail and patient composition featured in his sets at places like Robert Johnson in Frankfurt facilitates the ability develop a rich musical narrative, over the course of multiple hours. Frankfurt Versions is an invigorating contrast to the slow burner that is Insides, where hearty club grooves monopolize the sound system.

Spectral Sound has assembled four distinctive but complementary producers to flesh out Fort Romeau’s remix 12″. Dial Records veteran Roman Flügel builds on vaporous atmosphere and snappy movements for his densely layered version of Insides. Tackling Lately and All I Want, Robert Johnson regulars Orson Wells and Massimiliano Pagliara display their love for bassline-driven dance music, and the Tuff City Kids outfit (a.k.a. Gerd Janson and Phillip Lauer) delivers two interpretations of Insides closer Cloche: a chunky “Club Mix”, and the digital exclusive “Disco Mix”, which lives up to its title with high-stepping beats and generous cosmic sparkle.

Frankfurt Versions doesn’t just wrangle together Fort Romeau’s cohorts and contemporaries, it illustrates their vitality in spades. Frankfurt Versions is released on July 7th.


01. Insides (Roman Flügel Remix)
02. Lately (Orson Wells Remix)
03. All I Want (Massimiliano Pagliara Remix)
04. Cloche (Tuff City Kids Club Mix)
05. Cloche (Tuff City Kids Disco Mix) Digital Bonus


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