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Review: Zooey – The Drifters

Zooey - Cone Magazine

Matthieu Beck and Marie Merlet are the pair that make up the French duo Zooey, and together they have created an easy-listening, positive, and immersive record. The Drifters was created in their London home studio and encompasses Maries’ admiration of experimental pop and sixties soul, in which she has just announced her first solo album […]

5 Artist Spotlight: Outlook Festival 2016


With Outlook Festival quickly approaching, we delve into their eclectic and diverse curation to bring you 5 artists we’re excited to see. Barely Legal: Chloe Robinson, AKA DJ Barely Legal has been confidently spinning her unique brand of grime, hip-hop and jungle for the past few years, building up a cult following. Recently she’s performed […]

Prince is no more…we are at a loss

First Bowie, now Prince. 2016 is shaping up to be a perilous year for our veteran music Icons… via GIPHY Yesterday evening, we shook our heads in disbelief when news struck that our beloved Pop star Prince had passed away. Leaving behind a purple tinged legacy of 40+ albums spanning 40 years. The day that marked […]