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Prince is no more…we are at a loss

First Bowie, now Prince. 2016 is shaping up to be a perilous year for our veteran music Icons…


Yesterday evening, we shook our heads in disbelief when news struck that our beloved Pop star Prince had passed away. Leaving behind a purple tinged legacy of 40+ albums spanning 40 years. The day that marked the end of Prince’ musical reign was ironically also the Queen’s 90th Birthday, though most of us here were in mourning.

Prince’s body was found in his Minnesota home Paisley Park. Following from last week’s hospitalisation, where he was said to have suffered from a bout of Flu. He died at the age of 57.

More than just musical innovator; Prince was fearlessly fluid in creative expression and diverse in genre labels. Prince played around with gender, challenged ideas of sexuality, continued to re-invent himself through electric persona’s and lavish outfit get ups. He was a virtuoso musician and ineffable superstar.

Prince could serenade you with his raspy sweet falsetto, and equally deliver muscular performance’s with incredible guitar shred’s and grunge theatrics intactHe was a show-stopping icon, larger than life (despite his tiny 5 ft 2 stature). His effervescent spirit will live on.

We leave you with Prince’s first ever television performance on NBC’s Midnight Special (1980), where he first appeared as the audacious funk luvin’ Disco baby. Peace to Prince



Words @LeahAbraham


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