Health Cover New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’

Atomic Blonde - Cone Magazine

Los Angeles’ noise-rock ensemble Health have recently released a cover of New Order’s iconic synth anthem ‘Blue Monday’, which will appear in a new Charlize Theron action film entitled ‘Atomic Blonde’. Health’s cover of ‘Blue Monday’ displays their more ambient abilities but continues the track’s original utilisation of semi-electronic, hard-hitting drums and pulsating synth. […]

Review: Fauna Twin – The Hydra EP


The Hydra showcases Fauna Twin’s ultra-suave pop arrangements, Lynchian imagery and the roar of the city coming together in one attractively patterned jungle. French/Welsh pop duo of Claire Jacquemard and Owain Ginsberg (leader of Hippies Vs Ghosts and We Are Animal) have produced their four track debut EP entitled The Hydra. “Our influences are a […]

Outlook announces stage breakdown


From reggae to grime to hip-hop and everything in between, Outlook is paving the way with an expansive line-up that fully embraces the sound system culture. Seven major stages grace Fort Punta Christo this year, ranging from the 100m long Moat Stage to the open air arena. Thursday sees Ram Jam guiding dancers through the […]