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Review: Fauna Twin – The Hydra EP


The Hydra showcases Fauna Twin’s ultra-suave pop arrangements, Lynchian imagery and the roar of the city coming together in one attractively patterned jungle.

French/Welsh pop duo of Claire Jacquemard and Owain Ginsberg (leader of Hippies Vs Ghosts and We Are Animal) have produced their four track debut EP entitled The Hydra. “Our influences are a massive tornado of different styles, from Queen to King Crimson, crossing by PJ Harvey to Radiohead”, they describe.

The EP begins with a highlight ‘Water On Mars’ which evokes a level of eeriness and gloominess that instantly enchants you. Jacquemards’ hypnotising voice is at the forefront, creating a mysterious and slightly sinister setting, accentuated by the dark piano sounds and dominating percussion.

‘Edge Of The Coin’ stands out as the star track of the EP: prevalent disjointed and quirky electro movements create a fun and happy-go-lucky ambiance throughout, one of which becomes very apparent in the latter half. Because of the constant changes in direction, the track jolts the listener into different rhythms and produces a catchy tune that will stick with you for days.

The Hydra is a glimpse into the promising future of Fauna Twin, a duo who are not afraid to mix things up. Here, the usual pop arrangements are twisted into something unique, innovative and subtly savage. Their sound emulates a vast whirlwind of diverse styles, and with their debut album supposedly being released in 2017, the pair are certainly one to keep an eye on.

The Hydra is being released on November 17th via Crammed Discs and you can preorder here.

Words by Matthew Barlow


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