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Calm And Collected’s ‘Fluro Flora Fauna ‘

Studio C&C Fluro Flora Fauna

The south London based design studio collaborates with Peckham Print Studio to produce new light on publications. Calm and Collected first caught my eye about a year ago when they released their artist designed cocktail pitchers as part of a collaboration with Absolute Vodka. Since then the studio, started and run by good friends, continues to grow […]

Abstract Books, Prints And Posters From Damien Tran

Damien Tran Letra Tone

The screen printed abstract images from Berlin based illustrator and graphic designer Damien Tran. Whether its an abstract, multi coloured screen print, a well designed single colour palette publication or playing with image and text for a gig poster, Damien Tran offers up an eclectic mix of style and direction within his work. The Berlin based […]

Artist Spotlight /\ Dominic Kesterton

peckham print studio, Dominic Kesterton

The Edinburgh based illustrator becomes our third artist for Cone’s spotlight feature. If you so happened to attend the Pick Me Up art festival hosted at Somerset House this year, you probably would of seen Dominic Kesterton‘s work in which he collaborated on with clothing company Lazy Oaf. The playfulness and innocence of Dominic’s style […]