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Calm And Collected’s ‘Fluro Flora Fauna ‘

Studio C&C Fluro Flora Fauna

The south London based design studio collaborates with Peckham Print Studio to produce new light on publications.

Calm and Collected first caught my eye about a year ago when they released their artist designed cocktail pitchers as part of a collaboration with Absolute Vodka. Since then the studio, started and run by good friends, continues to grow and innovate within the world of art and design, especially in the surging scene coming from south London.

This time the boys have collaborated with another south London giant, Peckham Print Studio, for their publication “Fluro Flora Fauna“. The two different studios capitalised on this opportunity to fully push the boundaries of their certain skills and use the publication/zine to document and celebrate the design process involved. The 28 page booklet features stylised graphics and mark marking from the boys at studio C&C with the subtle and effective screen printed colours and over-lays from Peckham Print Studio.

“Having been handed a body of content and set of parameters, it was the job of the printers to interpret the remaining half of the booklet previously left blank. Through this back and forth dialogue, the project explores the handing-over between artist and printer in a new way and acts as a document of that process.” Alex (Studio C&C)

The middle section of the booklet allows room for the to-and-fro emails from both studio’s showing an inside into the design process, how obstacles were overcome and how both practices pushed a great deal of ideas and input into the finished outcome. This breathes a fresh light onto artists books as a whole and definitely makes for an interesting read. With the boys now working on a large fashion collaboration launching towards the end of the year and a solo exhibition with and large body of paintings set in May 2016, the studio is definitely something to keep an eye on.



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