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Bose release a new radio tool for mood selections

Bose mood radio on cone magazine

Bose have teamed up with some of the highest regarded sound selectors out there to bring together this unique conceptual radio tool. The mood tool is a ‘mixture of ASC, Musicology and Atmosfear’ and aims to provide ‘carefully curated playlists’ for various scenarios. Mood Radio has already drafted in some great names to head up […]

The Yard Work Simulator hits the Dance Tunnel

Max Graef and Glenn Astro interview Money $ex on Cone Magazine

Thursday night (19th of may), the Berlin based dynamic duo, Max Graef and Glenn Astro descend into Dalston’s Dance Tunnel with their blast session of back to back infectious boogie tunes. Launching their album, The Yard Work Simulator  (May 27) on Ninja Tunes, many were here to see the two maverick dj’s present their signature […]