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Shapes Open Air: Great Success!

The Shapes boys pulled off another flawless event last weekend with the perfect medley of killer music, smooth organisation and a crowd full of smiles and friendly faces.

Admittedly I was a little late, but I arrived just in time to catch the beginning of a three hour showcase of artists from Highlife Records, which involved Auntie Flo, Esa & Martin Granger, and Huntley + Palmers taking turns on the decks.

The crowd was bubbling and completely up for it, celebrating every single drop and change of tune, willing eachother and the DJs on.

Not many people looked like they were in the mood to eat, but the Gourmet Sandwich Club was on hand regardless, fixing up pengaleng barbecued burgers, and it was a welcome surprise to find out that booze was reasonably priced too, although the beers ran out by 8pm, causing a brief mad scramble to the bar to buy the last drops of whatever else remained.

The party really got started with People Like Us, who treated everyone to a wicked disco and groove orientated set which kept the summer vibes going strong through the slight drizzle.

By the time ELA 303 came on with their chunky slabs of acid house, night had fallen and the atmosphere had become more intense. The crowd was in a frenzy, squirming maniacally to the throbbing synths, wide grins and hooting, bug-eyed, cheering madly.

Big up to no 1 rave machine Bradley who clocked 39 miles on his step-counting-thingy with his non-stop shuffling ALL.DAY.LONG. Joker!

The night ended aptly on Sister Sledge’s ‘We Are Family’, which echoed in my head long after the dancing was over, and seemed like a more than suitable motto as we said our goodbyes to new friends and filtered slowly back into the city and back into the real world – until the next party.


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