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Review: Nightowl presents Kerri Chandler & DJ W!ld @ Motion, Bristol

Nightowl present Kerri Chandler & DJ W!ld at Motion on Cone Magazine

Last weekend Bristol was graced by New Jersey’s Kerri Chandler, a true purveyor of the house leagues, who met French house veteran DJ W!ld for a night of loosely slung dance cuts.

Ahead of the event we caught up with DJ W!LD, who had played in bristol before, and told us how excited he was for this event. “I know the promoters well and I’m sure they’ll organise everything in the best way. The line up is amazing and the crowd I’m sure is up for it”. And on the night DJ W!ld’s enthusiasm was evident. Dropping dusty techno cuts and throbbing bass heavy wobblers, he had the 2000 odd party revellers in full adjuration.

Hailing from the suburbs of New Jersey, Kerri Chandler has built for himself a reputation as one of house music’ most defined producers and DJ’s. A true master in his field, Kerri Chandler has time after time demonstrated to crowds the world over his ability to select tracks with precision.

It was late into the morning hours that Kerri Chandler came on stage for an impromptu B2B with DJ W!ld before taking control of the decks for a solo mission to outer space. Dropping thick textures, layered with Detroit shuffle, and heavily swung, deep techno plates, Kerri kept his set exciting, relying more on sporadic sample drops as opposed to repetitive mechanic loops.

One thing I would comment on though was the air of pretension and belligerence that seemed to emanate off so many of the fresh faced, muscle fit wearing, cake-up face paint, and gym freaks. It can sometimes feel in these large capacity (I use the term ‘student’ loosely) events that there are certain cohorts of groups that are there more for the status symbol attached as opposed to enjoying the high-class music that was certainly being delivered from two very talented individuals with decades of experience under their belts.


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