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Review /\ Nap – Uncharted

Review of NAP - Uncharted on Cone Magazine

Colombian born, Vancouver based experimentalist Daniel Rincon (aka NAP) throws caution into the wind with this exploratory release on 1080P records.

This 51 minute release was produced using the cheapest guitar pedals, grooveboxes and synths, to alienate itself in a unique blend of proto IDM and rhizomatic house. Following on from previous guitar based projects, Daniel seeks the production assistance of Jesse Creed (The Passenger) and Sophie Sweetland (D. Tiffany) to delve deep into texturised rhythms, scruffy textures and muffled soundscapes. Spanning the broad spectrum of; lo-fi house, IDM, techno and acid, this rather eclectic release reflects the rapid developments in Vancouver’s underground dance movement.

Initiating the album, “Urban Fair” is a heart-warming lo-fi groove, complimented by its successor and groovy summer jam “Don’t forget the records” (that samples comical web-chat dialogue throughout). Daniel is quick to divert the listeners attention into neurotic computer noise, with “U19” disbanding any existing feelings of inertia, before the meditative percussions of “Scorpio Moon” lull feelings of buddhist ceremony.

Uncharted demonstrates a capacity to detach itself away from the sterile products of professionally mastered electronic dance records. It’s palpable grittiness manifested in techno hybrids like “Soul Divine“, “Worms” and “Bogota“. Uncharted is frenetic and confused. It subscribes itself to no one genre, refreshing in it’s approach to an often mundane musical landscape. Plus the artwork by Chad Murray is cool as fuck.

NAP - Uncharted review on cone magazine


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