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PJ Harvey to record new album in public glass box

PJ Harvey|Cone Magazine

PJ Harvey will be recording a new album in front of Somerset House in London titled ‘Recording in Progress’.

Running for four weeks from mid january to february, the glass studio will utilise a one way mirror allowing the public to witness the full recording process without Harvey being distracted. This adds a unique element to the process, as Harvey will be given the head space to relax and act only upon her internal environment.

The 45 year old Mercury prize winner sent tremors through the music community with her last album release Lets Shake England, back in 2011, that was voted Mojo and NME album of the year. With its harrowing themes of war, death and melancholy, it’s sombre narratives are a reminder of her 2007 album release White Chalk.

Harvey is as political as she is creative, and this forthcoming architectural instalment will invite the public to explore the challenges, excitements, energy and community involved in the recording of an album. Not to mention the emotional drain of this endeavour.

The installation will be positioned in front of the Somerset house in London, once used as a rifle range as well as the Inland Revenues staff gymnasium.

Michael Morris, the co director of Artangel said, “We have deliberately avoided using the word performance because we don’t want to build up the wrong expectations”, furthermore, “The truth is none of us really know what it will be like. Polly doesn’t know. We don’t know. We think we have an idea but I suspect we’ll be surprised when it unfolds. It is uncategorisable.”

Recording in Progress will take place at Somerset House from 16 January to 14 February.

UPDATE: Tickets for this event have now sold out!


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