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Nas and Richie Hawtin invest in Cloud based mastering tool, Landr

Richie Hawtin on Cone Magazine

Select your membership fee, tweak the sound controls, and sit back as Landr transforms your music into professionally mastered records.

Nas, Tiesto, Richie Hawtin and Pete Tong are among the latest investors to support Landr, with an accumulated funding of $6.2m. Previous investors included; YUL Ventures, Real Ventures and Cirque Du Soleil founders Guy Laliberté and Daniel Gauthier.

Landr is a cloud based mastering solution. You select your membership type, upload a track, tweak the controls to your desired finish, and let the service do the rest. An absolute breakthrough for bedroom producers the world over. However, this new mastering service could have a much larger implication for traditional brick & mortar professional mastering studios, and the support that it has garnered shows no sign of easing tensions.

According to Billboard, Nas stated that Landr is “an affordable technology that can turn out music with a quality finish like any major label artist with a budget”.

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