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8 Tracks – A/K/A Sounds

One of Singapore’s first ladies of bass music, A/K/A Sounds (Amanda Keisha Ang) is a well-established figure on the city-state’s electronic music scene.

She’s also part of ATTAGIRL, an all-girl collective aimed at bringing together women in arts and music, who are also responsible for some of the livliest parties in this part of Asia and beyond. A little while ago we caught up with A/K/A to find out her 8 tracks for almost every occasion.

1. My tune of the moment: Backchat – Kahn & Neek. “Been really getting into incorporating more dancehall into my sets, so this gem has been stuck in my head.”

2. The first tune I ever bought: Gangsta’s Paradise – Coolio feat. L.V. “I got super hooked to this song after watching the film Dangerous Minds – back then I was 10 and didn’t really know how to persuade my father to buy a rap CD, so I asked him to get me this Grammy Award compilation which featured the track.”

3.  The tune to open my next DJ set: Play Your Corner – Wen (feat. Riko Dan) [Kahn & Neek Remix] – “Wen Good intro!”

4. The tune I’d play Anytime: Organ Donor (Extended Overhaul) – DJ Shadow. 

5. Favourite tune of the 80’s: Lookout Weekend – Debbie Deb. “Because of all the lazer sounds.”

6. The tune to rescue a dance floor: Baddest – P-Money & Gappy Ranks. “Every time I play this all the girls start wildin’ for some reason.”

7. An underrated tune from Asia: Fly – Vandetta Vandetta. “This girl is one of my favourite Singaporean artistes. She has an amazing voice and she’s also a very lovely person. This is from her debut self-titled EP Vandetta.”

8. The tune I’d play at my funeral: With A Little Help from my Friends – Joe Cocker. “This song should play when my friends carry my casket out for sure.”


Latest mix by A/K/A:



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