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Banksy Pop Up Exhibition “Dismaland”

Dismaland Banksy

The Bristol based street artist Banksy unveils new pop up exhibition entitled ‘Dismaland

Taking over the abandoned sea front Tropicana lido in Weston-super-Mare the Bristolian graffiti artist is set to take yet another dig at Disney and its famous amusement park. It’s no secret that Banksy isn’t the biggest fan of Mickey and the gang with the pop up show set to be his third big stunt using the American amusement giants to portray his political views. With news this week that Disney plan to open two new Star Wars themed parks, Banksy was busy compiling his own derelict version of the famous Cinderella castle which can be seen over the walls of the 10,200-square-foot site.

Apparently locals were told that a crime thriller was being shot on the site to satisfy any curiosity leading up to the opening (Friday 21st August 2015) of Banksy’s first UK show since his Banksy Vs Bristol Museum event in 2009 drawing large crowds. This event to, i’m sure, will produce a large amount of fans and ban-wagon-jumpers to the 18 different attractions on offer making them realise that they too hate Disney and its false pretences of life it offers.

However the park doesn’t actually feature much about Disney with the only real aspect taken from it being the idea of a big funfair park with lots of fun and entertaining attractions. There are 10 new works from Banksy himself with some pretty dark and controversial meanings behind them. There are also 50 other works by international artists including Damien Hirst.

“I guess you’d say it’s a theme park whose big theme is-theme parks should have bigger themes”

Some of works include remote controlled boats filled with migrants, a crashed carriage with a princess hanging out and an orca whale leaping through a hoop from a small toilet. It doesn’t take a genius to make an educated guess on the inspiration behind these works, as I’m sure it will upset quite a few onlookers. That being said if you’re easily offended, perhaps its best to stay clear of a Banksy made theme park, an artist known for his highly satirical works of art.

Images sourced from BBC


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