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An Interview With Jonathan Josefsson

Jonathan Josefsson

We caught up with Jonathan Josefsson and his colourful abstract rugs.

Throughout the last couple of weeks of my typical evening activity, browsing varies sources looking for any new work to catch my eye keep me satisfied or intrigue my inner artistic side, Swedish artist Jonathan Josefsson and his vibrant abstract rugs crossed my path on a number of occasions. These vibrant, hand woven rugs not only take on a new medium and style towards abstract appreciation but create a form and function element aswell. Obviously i wanted to find out more about him and the work he is producing, so i put forward some questions for the artist and caught up with him over the weekend.

What inspires you to create a work of art?

I get inspiration from a lot of things. It can be good music, an inspiring documentary, a trip to another country and good art. Right now I think other artists work are very accessible through social media and I think that input works very well as an inspiration. I have always been like, when I see other artists work, I want to create.

How did the transition from your graffiti and urban style to the needle and thread happen?

I was searching for other materials to experiment with, and when I tried the Tufting technique I realised that this method is very similar to painting, but I get a rug instead of a painting. The third rug I made came out very nice and i felt that this was something to continue with. Today I have made a total of 143 rugs since 2006.

Would you consider your rugs to be an abstract reflection of your emotions or does each one have its own meaning?

I don´t put that much of meaning in them, mostly when I make a rug I improvise without any sketches. They are all abstract works and the viewer has to interpret it. 

Where can you see your work going in the future?

My next big exhibition will be here in Gothenburg at Gallery Magnus Winström, I’ve been working with this gallery for 6 years and done 3 exhibitions.

If you wasn’t an artist, what would you be?

I would love to be an musician, I’ve tried some but I have zero talent in music. Actor would be nice, so probably work with theatre in some way. 

For more work from Jonathan head over to his website



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