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Bristol Women In Music launch their association at St George’s

Bristol Women In Music - Cone Magazine

St George’s showcased the inaugural evening of Bristol Women In Music last Thursday night. The association (that embodies an ethos of correcting the gender inequality currently present in all jobs music related) hosted an inspiring evening for those who wish to show support or start working in the industry. BWIM encourage women to get involved in the industry and disregard common stereotypes that can exist in a male-dominated workforce.

Four different but very complimentary female acts performed on an intimate stage in St George’s bar area (with a Spoken Word artist to boot). The acoustic guitar pairs so naturally with a female voice, so it was not surprising to hear an assortment of powerful narratives and memorable folk numbers.

What stood clear among all else was the sense of unity all the performers felt towards each other and the night’s cause. There was no competition whatsoever. Understandably, supporting acts and headliners almost always show respect and support for one another, but within the industry (especially at a popularity level) obviously lies an abundance of hierarchical sentiments. The acts here were performers, as well as a part of a small collective that spearheaded the BWIM initiative.

The association’s vision is a clear one – a wholesome and mature response to the lack of women undertaking jobs in the industry. These range from performing to roadie jobs and tech work. These women are attempting to bridge the divide – with one performer aptly noting that she ‘pays respect to men and women already working in the industry, and hopes the two genders can coexist equally and drive the industry forward.’

The evening, kicked off with a talk by Tracy Thorn, was a positive one, full with supportive members of the community. The BWIM team have plans to hold a conference early next year that will showcase guest speakers and conduct panel discussions on various pressing issues. There will also be a variety of hands-on workshops, teaching women the info needed for various job roles.  With many still feeling the hindrance of being looked-over or misunderstood, these could provide a refreshing foundation for moving forward.

If you would like to know more about their ethos and objectives for the future, head over to their page for more information.


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