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Simon12345 & The Lazer twins Join te Holger family on new LP

Holger Simon12345 & The Lazer Twins

Experimental instrumental band ‘Simon12345 & The Lazer twins’ have joined forces with the renowned Holger family to create a journey through unconventional electronic and tribal sounds.

Their new record “Cheveux propres, cheveux gras”, releasing on the 4th March this year will bring you six exciting tracks that will take you on whirlwind of electronic, experimental and ambient tones – with warped and distorted sound waves building up a raw and very real musical experience.
Setting a trend for futuristic quantised rhythm, automated reverb and analogue synths; this new track is something of extreme self expression and highly personal to Simon12345 & The Lazer twins. You can hear emotions being spilled out through these radical sounds, and you might even sense or encounter unexpected feelings yourself when listening to this atmospheric masterpiece.


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