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Introducing Mainstudio


Amsterdam based graphic design studio Mainstudio shows us their latest works and gives us an insight into the studio.

Amsterdam has never been shy of producing its fair share of top designers and artists, but ever since its founding in 2005 by Edwin van Gelder, graphic design studio Mainstudio has been topping the competition by producing cutting edge graphics, publications, digital media and visual identities. It’s because of this extensive work that Mainstudio has been honoured with many international awards, including the ‘Best Book Design Worldwide’ (2013), the ‘Best Dutch Book Design’ (2011 and 2012), the ‘Dest Dutch Annual Report Design’ (2011) and the ‘Art Directors club New York’ (2009).

“The studio creates projects deriving from the intersection of art, architecture and fashion-Each project is characterised by a content driven editorial approach, led by typography, creating a synthesis of form and content”

Its easy to see how the studio is making such a big movement within the design world, producing content that pushes the boundaries of graphic design that may also tip-toe into areas of illustration. For Mainstudio and many other graphic design firms, font has been a particular area of focus. Theinhardt, the font used for Mainstudio’s poster design for IIT College of Architecture, in 2013 has become an industry favourite and an iconic set for Edwin and his firm. The founder talks about his particular view on what makes a good graphic designer and his particular interest for the field.

“A graphic designer is always in dialogue with a commissioner, programmers, information architects, editors, photographer, and other graphic designers. Good content is really key here. Without it, there is no good design. I’m involved with all phases of the design process…. from content, to design, to type, to paper, to printing and programming.-Graphic design is a thinking process, which provides me with the possibility to connect many of my interests and work, interdisciplinary. There are many roles that a graphic designer can fill, and we can work in many media types–it’s quite multidisciplinary.”

Incorporating thoughtful design and layout with precise aesthetics makes for a winning formula for Edwin and his studio, not to mention the impressive history of stand out clients including Mark magazine, IIT College of Architecture Chicago and The Transcontinental Express. Mainstudio continues to broaden the idea of smart graphic design with an elegant and satisfying outcome which keeps us wanting more.


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