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Cone introduces Brainchild Festival 2016

Among the hoard of recently emerging small festivals, stands Brainchild. A grassroots music/arts organisation that stitches together an immersive 3-day multi-arts festival. Coming from, and catering to millennial creatives.

Entirely volunteer led and sponsor free Brainchild intends to project a DIY creative energy of the collective; an seamless coming together of art, music minds and ideas. This year it is set to return with a program that is full of live/electronic music, DJ sets alongside its medley of arts, crafts, music,workshops and panel discussions.

There’s more to festival then big names and entertainment. Brainchild offers an alternative 3 day programme of mind-enhancing, intellectual stimulating activities. Taking place on  8th – 10th July, Brainchild returns to its home in the fields, of Bentley Wildfowl & Motor Museum in East Sussex.

This year see’s Brainchild curate works from over 50 different artists, from ICA Bloomberg, Contemporary Emily Motto’s giant string maze, Limbo Citizen’s walk-through piece from Utrecht exploring immigration to innovative stage designs by young architects, Kinsphere.

But there is a real focus on Art in its multiple forms. From theatre performances, to spoken word, films screenings, to panel debates. Marina Blake and the creative team at Brainchild endeavor to offer something distinctively ‘unique’ to individuals of the creative community.

Relying upon its close knit community of artists in resident, writers, poets and musicians. Brainchild hone’s in on creative collaboration and exchange. Creating a intimate immersive level of interaction, between artists involved as the festival goers. With no VIP areas, normal barriers between artists and audiences dissolve. Everyone camps alongside each other, everyone is given ample opportunity to get involved. Half Bar, half tent Jam spaces invite festival-goers to create alongside performers in the Steez Cafe, a space curated in collaboration with South East London’s acclaimed STEEZ community. 

Music highlights include: multiple Jazz FM and MOBO Award winners Binker & Moses; the sounds of United Vibrations on their new album tour ‘The Myth of the Golden Ratio’ (Ubiquity Records); PRS Steve Reid InNOVAtion Award winners Sarathy Korwar (album coming out on Ninja Tune in July) and Hector Plimmer; Gilles Peterson and Four Tet favoured up-and-coming producer O’Flynn.

“Brainchild will also be introducing workshops, panel debates, films and shows that explore immigration, race, culture, gender, the climate and mental health, with groups and panelists from online magazine gal-dem, guerilla filmmakers Eye Want Change and activists.”


Weekend camping tickets available from £70 from  

Click here for details on the line up so far.



Words By Leah Abraham


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