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Review: Mauno – Rough Master


Nova Scotian quartet Mauno serve up a diverse sonic palate on their debut album, Rough Master. Glistening with an autumnal glow, ‘Rough Master’ provides an enticingly eclectic sonic journey. From shimmering strings to moody guitar, with flurries of delicate piano and smooth vocals weaving throughout the tracks, Mauno gleefully defy expectation at every turn on […]

Cone Credits: Female Vocalists to tune into this year.

With it being International Womens Day, here at Cone we feel indented to celebrate some of the fantastic women out there creating beautiful art. 2015/16 has seen the rise of a promising breed of female vocalists, who have been updating the R&B genre with their offerings of Down-tempo tracks for the after-hours. Evolving their own sound, moving fluidly between […]