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Derrick May & Francesco Tristano talk with Weather festival

Derrick May and Francesco Tristano on Cone Magazine

With only two weeks until the start of Weather Festival in Paris, Derrick May & Francesco Tristano chat to Weather about their upcoming festival performance.

The festival, cultivated around concepts of nature, will run for two weeks, both Off & On. With symphony orchestras, family friendly festivities and workshops running in the first week, followed by a four day festival showcasing some of the best names in underground music, this will surely be a fantastic event in the French capital.

In the run up, Weather catch up with cool-cat Derrick May & Francesco Tristano to talk about their upcoming project that they will perform at the festival with Dzijan Emin & Orchestre Lamourex.

Beginning by looking at the origins of the festival, the pair start to elaborate on the combination of classical music and techno. Derrick refers to the revolutionary american composer Phillip Glass, who scored the beguiling Koyaanisqatsi, which I’d highly recommend anyone to watch.

“Were talking about music these guys have been writing for years.” – Tristano. The pair agree that they’d hope their performance (which is a complement to people like Glass & Steve Reich) will be approved by them.

Derrick May seems to belong to this style of composition, as he claims to have always produced his tracks using the drums last. He then carries on to play on the french stereotypes, notably remarking that they are a tough crowd to play too.

But anyway, enough from me, check it out for yourself. And make sure to get your ticket’s for this truly stellar event. More information on Weather Festival here.


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