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Review /\ Youandewan’s New Verloren EP On AUS Music.

Music review // Youandewan - Verloren EP on Cone Magazine

The Berlin based Ewan Smith aka Youandewan prepares to unveil his latest 4 track House and Techno masterclass, with the assistance of Ilian Tape boss Dario Zenker on remix duties.

AUS Music already boast multiple stellar releases this year from the likes of Bicep, Huxley and Breach. Verloren is no exception and slots comfortably into this category of excellence, reiterating Youandewan’s prowess as both a House and Techno DJ and producer.

Whilst remaining modest and with a seemingly ineffable degree of ease, Youandewan has consistently bolstered his sound in his ascent. Typified by his latest Spiral Arms EP on AUS ­ it is a sound that has taken on new facets and plunged to new depths since a move to Berlin from Yorkshire. His latest EP Verloren is another step further down a path towards a harsher, yet equally gratifying sound.

The title track kicks things off with a rubbery thud sat beneath a rich sandy shuffle and a buoyant analogue stab. Reverberated vocals swell through the breakdown ahead of the return of a sparse but purposeful sub pattern. The remix is tackled by Dario Zenker, who puts his own particular spin on the track. By increasing both the speed and the overall prominence of the bass within the track it culminates into a much darker, yet still bouncy piece. One which I feel would be well received if played out at an intimate venue.

#1 is easily my favourite track of the EP. The combination of pulsating sonar synth tones, hissing drums and a relentless throbbing amalgamate into a track suited to any Techno connoisseur’s palate. Finally 253 (Decent Mix), with it’s fluctuating bass patterns, light clicks and frenetic pops serves a lighter yet equally accomplished component to the EP, which bathes both Youandewan and AUS Music in a mutually beneficial glow of success.

Verloren is released on 13/7/15.


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