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REVIEW /\ Society Of Silence 03

Parisian duo, Society of Silence, recently dropped a third release on their self named label in the form of analog techno and raw house EP 03. Offering two fresh tracks from the pair, London based IVVVO and Italian twosome Die Roh (aka Sagats and DJ Octopus) also make an appearance, presenting a couple of laudable remixes.

First up is 8th, providing a sound opener. Industrial yet euphoric, this is familiarly European techno. With abrasive percussion and  atmospheric synths, it would feature well in the early hours of a dark basement  knees up. Next is initially confusingly titled First Section. With dark and interesting layers, tape sounds seep in and synths surround to take this track crawling from a minimal pace to an engaging twist, making it my personal favourite of the four.

On to the B Side remixes and IVVVO‘s exploratory effort. Its minor melodic keys and whispers would bode best as the night’s poison took hold; gripping and thought provoking, whilst urging you to move. Finally, the turn of Die Roh, and ,if the bubbling water sample doesn’t make you want to pee, then you will dance. The snares and synth style of this track give it a disco influence, a finale that works not to finish but instead as a prelude for more action…

Society of Silence‘s 03 is available now and I would recommend you have a listen.


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