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Review of Jon Hopkins Late Night Tales Compilation

Jon Hopkins Domino Records on Cone Magazine

Review of Jon Hopkins Late Night Tales compilation

The compilation begins delicately. But that’s what Hopkins wants. Fluttering piano chords dance a tune of delight. There is magic to be unveiled.

Darkstar’s effervescent synthesizers pluck amongst heavily reverberated vocals, which pull you into a Brian Eno-esque wonderland of ignorant day dream. Ignorant to the climaxing crescendo of the baseline licking away at your earhole. And then the drums.

Holy Other’s ‘Yr Love’ thumps away like distant giant footsteps. Somethings approaching. The sampled lyrics panning in the background. They wave you on. Transitioning us onto other realms. Deeper down the rabbit hole. Its the crushing snare hits that give you that farewell kiss.

Spiritual awakening. The sound of Teebs’ harp concerto delivers us into a drum kit reminiscent of Burial. But this fleeting affair with structure, is shortly encountered with dream state liquidity once again. Hopkins is playing with us here. Teasing our senses.

These bi-polar shifts in structure continue between Songs of Green Pheasant’s delightful acoustic vocal song on towards the ambient soundscape by Jonsi & Alex. And again into the Prefuse 73 style choppy sound of Evening’s ‘Babe’.

Much of the delicate beauty continues, after the club ready and bass heavy record by Letherette subsides. What were left with is a Jon Hopkins exclusive for the compilation entitled ‘I remember’. A vulnerable piano version of Yeasayer’s ‘I Remember’.

There is a welcomed appearance from Four Tet with an enchanting kids choir canvassing a simple baseline.

The compilation now begins to build a more contemporary edge with School of Seven Bells energetic head nodder, followed by the minimalistic grace of Peter Broderick.

Heavy weights Gold Panda and Bibio begin to draw things to a close with their own unique styles of highly polished rhythms, and effervescent energy. 

It then seems quite fitting for poet, and fellow Brian Eno collaborator Rick Holland, to narrate exclusive spoken word ‘I Remember’ to bring things to a slow and gentle finale, with music supported by Jon Hopkins.

A fantastic compilation. What a journey.

Jon Hopkins released his compilation on Late Night Tales 1st March. You can purchase it from their official website.



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