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Review /\ Kask – Periferia

Review Kask - Periferia on Cone Magazine

Estonia has much to be proud of, with young up and comer, Andreas Kask’s offering of the brilliantly fulfilling Periferia – an “Inaugural” release of London based imprint X-Kalay.

This delicious medley is a combination of deep-house sounds with the more subtle elements of Electronica.  A mix of soulful, resounding melodies against a consistently strong backdrop of percussive expertise.

The EP’s progression begins as an energetic, simmering warm-up of glowing harmonies, then ups the tempo on Orion Cloud Complex as an essential UK house track. The B side transcends into a soft retreat, with radiant melodies and distant, blissful soundscapes. The Untitled remix brings forth a collaboration from Talin based associate Ajukaja. Kask’ sure to recap on the energy with playful space-sounding reverb. Mastered well, and crafted with poise and dexterity.

Kask’s first offering, the title track Periferia is an appetising, bubbling groove of industrial house resonances, guttural toms and ringing hats. Kask alternates between muted fuzzy melodies and Burial-like soundscapes that add warmth and dimension to its distinctively rhythmic complexion. It’s a gorgeous prelude of what’s to come; paying homage to a classic 80’s pop track with its breakdown of pulsating synth embellishment.

Next up Orion Cloud Complex is a small acceleration to a typical UK- house floor-filler. The drum machine entrance of syncopated loop beats, work up to a small crescendo of muffled vocals that fit neatly around the rhythmic texture. The track feels almost recognisable (if not a little predictable), providing the uniformity of a joyful house cut to get the head nodding and feet shuffling.

The B side takes a gorgeous lull into celestial realms. Untitled breaks things down into a blissful ambient soundscapes and dreamy distant atmospheres. This eventually leads up to a fuller vibrance, with the addition of skittered rhythmic drum patterns. Such a glittering gem.

The final instalment, Untitled (Ajukaja Remix) restores the above masterpiece to a more formulaic house styling. Featuring the Tallinn vanguard of left-field House Ajukajathis disco-inspired outro is peppered with a few weird and wacky sound-effects that suggest that both were up for veering towards the out of space experimentation. There’s almost no trace to be found of the transportative euphoria found in the previous track, but plenty to move to.


Words by Leah Abraham



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