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Review /\ Detboi – Scatter EP

Detboi Scatter EP

Keysound Recordings are excited to announce the introduction to the extended family of Detboi, long standing provider of maximum dubplate pressure to the label’s popular Rinse FM show.

This upcoming release from Irish producer Desmond McGouran aka Detboi, combines a variety of elements, taking both the building blocks and the essence of early 90s hardcore and jungle and imploding them at house ‘n’ garage tempo, resulting in a dynamic, yet energetic EP.

The EP consists of four tracks; Scatter, Give Love, Shots and Pin Point. Scatter introduces the EP, building slowly from a barren echo into a much heavier track; elements of hardcore are already evident in my ears. Give Love utilises a minimalist house beat, replacing the iconic high hat with a much darker and richer sound which really complements the selected sample. Shots showcases Detboi’s diversity, it’s irregular beat and vast array of percussion serve to provide an almost tribal element to the track. Finally Pin Point, my favourite track of the EP. For me it’s reminiscent of fellow Keysound Recordings bass wizard Wen, whose debut EP Signals contributed to many a pull up at venues around the country. Slowly teasing with an eclectic mix of samples, before ultimately allowing the bass heavy wobble to envelop the listener. It brings the stellar release to a satisfying conclusion.

The EP creates a strange paradox of both percussive impact but also extreme, almost arresting disorientation. Despite its strobe-like, almost ravey feel, the vinyl artwork depicts subatomic particle scattering. The universe’s DNA gets rewired in beautiful loops and curves just like rave’s base pairs were sent into a disorientated spin by junglists.

The EP will be available both digitally and on 12″.


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