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Review: Peluché – Utopia Village

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Following a collection of pop singles including ‘The Guy with the Gammy Eye’ and ‘Ohio’, the London-based trio Peluché release their seven track debut EP ‘Utopia Village’.

The EP was recorded in Utopia Village, Camden, with the songs that make up the release the last to be recorded in the studio – now due to become a luxury office space. For the band, the EP stands as a collection of memories of their time spent there, and of artistic endeavour amidst the shrinking independent cultures of London.

In describing the releases, the band say: “It’s our first collection of songs which we have written and self-produced. The first half represents feelings of commitment and attachment; the way that people can feel connected in positive and negative polarities. The second half is about taking a chance and breaking free as musicians.”

“Swim” sees Peluche at their most vibrant; distinctly bold and willing to combine dissimilar genres. The track is a fusion of jazz, funk and pop, characterised by slick basslines, warm melody and highly charged drums. Over the course of the song, the dream-like opening changes tempo as the hypnotic clarinet powers over a range of keys. Yet, the track has such a smooth and irresistible charm, it perfectly incorporates many diverse sounds.

And this speaks for the whole EP. Utopia Village is a refreshing and intriguing record; dynamic in sound, with rhythmic changes, chant-like vocals and mesmerising instrumentals – all with an infectious bassline groove that keeps you engaged throughout.

Releases 25 November on RIP Records.

Words by Matthew Barlow


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