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Review: Body-San – Shining The Money Ball LP & Video

Body-San - Shining the Money ball lp review, 1080P records on Cone Magazine

Get ready to be sucked into the infectious grooves of sweet-sweet Body-san and his new release, “Shining The Money Ball”, something not far of musical hypnotism.

Kansas City’s Brandon Knocke aka Body-san is bringing you 10 tracks delivered via 100% silk. If you want to take a journey without even going anywhere, then this is the next best thing.

The sounds Knocke has created takes you on a journey which indulges in all of the good stuff: drum machines, soft synths, dream pop, and air-y instrumentals – it has the ability to help you lose your senses in a dreamy atmosphere which the music creates. Let your wonders and worries float away to the human voices/conversations and landscapes that are drifting in and out of the tracks, taking you somewhere unexpected.

Previously Knocke has been known to release a reasonably wide spectrum of electronic-based music under various names, such as Discoverer for experimental-leaning labels like (RA’s ‘Label of the Month’) Digitalis (RIP) & VCO Recordings – taken under it’s wing by Modern Hug productions. With its ambient balearic tones and tropical beats pulsating through your soundscape, it’s incredibly hard not to be taken in and definitely an album to look forward to.

And this week, Official Michael Green, a video producer who’s certainly on the more obscure end of the spectrum, (with his ‘Balloon Dog Deflated‘ project selling a gif animation on Ebay for over $200) has provided a music video for ‘Picking up Strange’. Having worked on a Body-San music video in the past, he has also done projects for the likes of Beat Detectives (also on 1080P) and Wasabi Tapes.

Body-san “PICKING UP STRANGE” from officialmichaelgreen on Vimeo.


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