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Album Review Of Le Thug – Place Is

Le Thug - Place is album review

Le Thug, Glasgow’s electronic shoegaze trio, specialise in an intriguing amalgamation of dark dream pop, drone sounds and electronic experimentation. 2013 saw the release of a 4-track EP entitled Ripping – a showcase of hypnotic and dreamy compositions that, in the words of Song By Toad (Edinburgh based label) “perfectly encapsulates the combination of introspection and euphoria” that can be felt through shoegaze music.

Place Is represents the next instalment – a 6-track showcase of the multifaceted nature of dream pop. Whilst perhaps dragging a darker veil over the genre, the EP adequately provides a soundtrack for the northern city. ‘Basketball Land’ and ‘FC’ rise above in terms of solidifying an emotive connection with their listeners – hard-hitting analogue drumbeats set the scene for woozy synths and Mogwai-esque guitars to dominate the stage.

Maclellan’s dreamy vocals sit atop this often chaotic wall of noise, bringing to mind the likes of other US dream poppers such as Victoria Legrande (Beach House) and Julia Holter. The result is a mesmerising whirlwind of slow-burning textures complimented by more introspective, celestial vocals.

Place Is will be released on February 16 via Song, by Toad records.


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