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Each and every listener has that one song that perfectly describes, or emulates a mood or feeling. It may arise out of the most unlikely genre or style, but the common thread among the music is that it transports you somewhere. Herein lies one listeners encounter with those songs that touched them. As usual, we place importance on selecting artists that don’t yet have an enormous fan base. This, along with their purity and integrity, is the reason why the music is so magical.

E B U (Tara Clerkin) – Trifle

For a lack of a better word (because there is none), Trifle is quintessentially lo-fi. A simple minor progression lays the foundations for Clerkin’s charming vocals, bringing to mind the spell-binding ballads of Nico. It instantly warrants another listen, and could easily set a new benchmark in the often hit-and-miss world of lo-fi production. The composition is pure and addictive, the catch 22 of all great music.

Aldous RH – Have You Seen Her

Have You Seen Her is a dreamy, spoken word composition that both utilises and strays away from the conventional love-song framework. Accompanied by a twanged-out electric and a set of punchy drums, the trip is somewhat anachronistic – as Al and his upbeat choir roll out their slightly off kilter, laid back ode to the nihilism of life’s proceedings.

BANU – Pretty Lady, Me

London/Bristol band Banu have been making a fair bit of noise recently, but it’s for the best of reasons. The track in question has been circulating for quite some time, but every day it seems to be getting picked up by another avid listener. Sonically, it sits modestly between the hooks of Richard Hawley inspired chamber pop, and the journeying music of many folk/pop contemporaries. Its introverted content is spun from a dreamy guitar loop and a soft drum that leaves Banu alluding to more private moments with a lover. Well worth a listen.


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