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Cone Magazine Cone Playlist 003

The more I listen to – and discover – great new musicians, the more I realise that there will never be an end to the journey. It’s the common finger-trap dilemma – the further in you go, the harder it is to get out. Everyday we are turned onto something fresh and exciting – even if just a track that completely encapsulates the mood of the day, becoming a feature soundtrack to life’s happenings.

Cone magazine attempts to document and praise this constant state of progression, with a focus on underground and thought-provoking media (music, culture or otherwise). These playlists are no different. Whilst nothing can be truly objective, we include bands and new music here that have moved us in one way or another. The focus genre is not set in stone, but we do place more emphasis on music close to home.

Patchwork Guilt – Churn and Bloom

The music of Patchwork Guilt crept up on me like a snake in the grass – though one I would greet openly and befriend. Phoenix Mundy splits her life between Liverpool and Bristol and composes dreamy melodies adorned with a spell-binding voice. Her compositions appear to be well mapped and thought out, with a variety of textures pushing them into a league of their own. If you are a fan of the tinsel pop of Bristol artist Oliver Wilde or the rawness of Micachu & The Shapes then you will enjoy this.

 Gorgeous Bully – Gorgeous Bully

To celebrate 200 weekly music podcasts by London based bloggers If There is Hell Below, a compilation album of various artists and “deep back catalogue joys” was released. Gorgeous Bully appeared here, showcasing their smooth brand of dream pop. It’s guitar fueled and kitted with a tambourine and kick-snare beat that instantly instils nostalgia. The vocals are warm and thought-provoking.

 Something Anorak – I Am A Doctor

Bristol’s Howling Owl Records signed Something Anorak less than a year ago, but the duo’s unpredictable yet warm compositions seem to resonate far beyond one formal release. Their willingness to experiment with melody and texture gives them an aura of wisdom, painting songs like ‘I Am A Doctor’ with a banquet of color that takes us to another place. It’s the more soulful side of post-punk stooped in whimsical noise.


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