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Cone Playlist 002

Cone Playlist 002

This month at Cone we are getting personal. We chose to showcase just a slice of some of the variance that exists within Bristol’s extensive music scene (with the exception of Hot Feet, though they are from Stroud.) All of these tracks are strung together by the common thread of being slow burners. They all lead the listener on a journey – mood music would be the label, if I could be so forward. It’s all new, and it’s all fantastic. Enjoy.

The Honeyfire – Delusion

This all-female trio from Bristol deliver a darker shade of indie folk. Fitted with infectious rhythms and a carousel of whispering guitars, their music speaks volumes over the standard guitar-voice ensemble. Delusion, taken from their 2014 self titled debut release (out on Jelli Records), is a psychedelia infused piece reminiscent of Balitmore’s Wye Oak, especially in the power of their rhythm section and breathtaking vocal harmonies. Enjoy

The Weary Band – She Lives On Serenity Mountain

Not shy to Bristol’s eclectic alternative folk scene, Tim Weary and the guys from The Weary Band have been releasing thought provoking slacker folk for a number of years. Forged through a variety of music tastes, it appears that a slightly off kilter yet seamlessly catchy delivery is what has emerged through the smog. Their latest release, 2014’s Serenity Mountain, is a delightful collection. It holds no restraint for convention, the result being moody and introspective.

Hot Feet – Divine Silence

Take conventional folk and blues and shake it up in a blender, mid setting. Hot feet bounce their way around elements of slow jazz, delta blues, and chunky psychedelic funk, making it appear seemingly effortless to fusion multiple genres together in such an elegant manner. Two EP’s down the line, Hot Feet continue to grow and play shows around the South West and beyond. They are both beautifully progressive and humble. Divine Silence was performed at a Sofar’s secret Bristol gig earlier this year.


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