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Cone Cast /\ Kruse & Nuernberg // Exclusive mixtape

Cone Cast Kruse & Nuernberg on cone magazine

Kruse & Nuernberg have been producing freshly polished dance music since the early 2000’s when they first met each other at a party in Germany.

Since that time the pair have been honing in their skill, hunched over their remote home studio setups, and surely enough their productions were picked up by the right people. Now releasing records on labels like Exploited and Off Recordings, their robust style of deep minimal dance plates has established them a position on the European and global radar as true purveyors of their art.

Recently we caught up with Kruse & Nuernberg for a recorded conversation, which you can listen to hear. Alongside finding out more about their deep rooted history, we were also gratefully presented with a 75 minute EXCLUSIVE mixtape from the pair which you can listen to in full below.

Kicking things off on a slow percussive tip, the mix oscillates into a more minimal domain, perfect for late night sessions, or an early morning run. The minimalism continues to take you into more industrial territory before teetering synthey droplets cushion a vocal finale.

Cone Cast /\ Kruse & Nuernberg by Cone_Magazine on Mixcloud


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