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Cone Cast 001 /\ Mallaban

Cone Cast 001 /\ Mallaban on Cone Magazine

To launch our new series ‘Cone Cast’, Bristol based DJ/ producer Mallaban mixes 40 minutes worth of techno, house and loosely swung grooves.

Cone Cast is a new series where we invite DJs to put together a mixtape of some of their favourite tracks old and new. For the first in this new series, Mallaban presents us 40 minutes of cuts geared more towards the dusty and space textures

I wanted to try and focus more on pushing out some dusty, cosmic sounding house numbers for this mix. Nothing too club orientated, more something you can listen to whilst hanging out at home, or in your car.” – Mallaban


Cone Cast 001 /\ Mallaban by Cone_Magazine on Mixcloud


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