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Sun Ra & His Arkestra – Why Go To The Moon

Sun Ra and the Arksetra

Taken from their 2008 release Nidhamu + Dark Myth Equation Visitation, this track is the final on the album.

Sun Ra is an unorthodox and mysterious artist. A philosopher, poet, jazz musician and band leader, his beliefs in cosmic philosophy project his own understanding in his origins claiming to have descended from Saturn as part of the angel race.

He was arrested for opposing his draft of service in to the military to fight during World War 2, and imprisoned where he nearly suffered a nervous breakdown, however he was allowed to play the piano which kept him sane.

Following that, he went to help push the black rights movements in Chicago and support the Egyptian community. His is credited as the first jazz leader to use two double basses, play an electric piano and to pioneer solo and group freeform improvisations.

This is an ode to an inspiring and talented human being. Stay strong, never give up!


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