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Untouched photo of Bieber from Calvin Klein Ad

Justin Bieber on Cone Magazine
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We all like to see a perspective of banal unflattery in the rich and famous. The narcissistic manboy Justin Bieber wooed audiences in his recent display for Calvin Kleins new ad campaign, alongside girl next door supermodel Lara Stone.

Well, Vice’s Noisey recently released an article showing an image of a seemingly more realistic 20 year old figure, with a less fabulous skin tone, skinnier muscles, and sadly ladies a less prevailing meat and two veg.

Noise insisted that they have “obtained the REAL untouched Justin Bieber Calvin Klein photos. There is no doubt that this photo of the #BieberBulge is the most real and not fake thing there can be.”

Just to add salt to the wound. Click below to see a recent satirical parody of the original Calvin Klein ad by London based creative studio, YES. #myhandshurt

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