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The Unfilmables: A Soundtrack Project Without The Movie

Mica Levi - Cone Magazine

Mica and Francesca Levi and Wrangler (Benge, Phil Winter from Tuung and Mallinder) are collaborating on The Unfilmables, a new soundtrack project that’s all about creating sonic backdrops for some of greatest films that don’t exist.

The project will commission bands and sound artists to create a soundtrack for a particular film that doesn’t exist, as well as showcase the soundtracks by the Levi sisters and Wrangler. Mica and Francesca will be working on ‘The Colour Of Chips’, a film based on Sergei Parajanov’s ‘The Colour Of Pomegranates’ and reinterpreted as a portrayal of the beauty of mundanity in parts of northern England. Wrangler will produce music for a fictional sci-fi flick called ‘The Tourist.’

The project has been produced by Lisa Brook (Director of Live Cinema UK), and Colm McAulliffe, in partnership with CineCity Brighton and HOME Manchester. It is supported by This Way Up Exhibition Innovation Fund and Arts Council England.

The new ‘films’ The Tourist (Wrangler) and The Colour of Chips (Francesca and Mica Levi) will be presented as two new live performances in Manchester, Brighton and London in May and June 2017.

Manchester: HOME, Saturday 6th May
Brighton: Duke of York’s Picturehouse, Sunday 14th May. Part of Brighton Festival
London: BFI Southbank, Friday 9th June


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