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Thalia Zedek Band reveals two new tracks ahead of new album ‘Eve’

Thalia Zedek by Heather Kapplow - Thrill Jockey

Ahead of Eve‘s release through Thrill Jockey on August 19th, Zedek and her band have unveiled the equally beautiful and powerful “Afloat” and “All I Need”.

Thalia Zedek has one of most identifiable and emotive voices in modern blues music. She has released a string of albums under her own name since 2001, whilst also assisting other underground bands such as Uzi and Live Skull To Come. A newly formed band E (with Gavin McCarthy of Karate and Jason Sidney Sanford from Neptune) cements her productivity of late even further, with their debut album set for release through Thrill Jockey on November 11th.

From a first listen it is evident that Eve will lean heavily on themes of loss, isolation and alienation. “Afloat” sends the listener on a journey that follows Zedek’s change in emotion. She laments at the time gone, singing “what we left behind someone else will find washed ashore”. Bluesy, gritty guitar work has been juxtaposed tastefully with graceful viola and piano, giving the song a compelling tension. Her lyrical confidence also shines through immediately – which, coupled with thoughtful, stream-of-consciousness prowess has the power to pin you down for the song’s duration.

This transparency and honesty is also found in “All I Need”, with Zedek’s lyrics remaining deeply personal and her emotions almost palpable. Opting out of a full-band arrangement, her voice is paired just with an acoustic guitar, giving rise to a rather simple melody that manages to stay with you long after the song has finished. It has the power of being contemplative and sombre, yet catchy and deeply relatable. Zedek conveys her lyrical wisdom through tired eyes and the battered guitar she has carried with her throughout her journey.



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