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Sly Stone Won A Court Ruling For Millions In Unpaid Royalties

Sly and the family stone on cone magazine

Sly Stone has won a $5 million court deal for unpaid royalties of his music, after a lengthy and arduous legal battle that has been going on for years now.

A pioneer of funk music, 68 year old Sly Stone has been fraught with financial problems. In 1984 he signing a deal to sell his music publishing rights to Michael Jackson for a reported $1 million which exponentially increased his opportunity costs.

However, news emerged In 2011, that Sly Stone was suing his manager Jerry Goldstein for $50 million, for fraud and 20 years of unpaid royalties. This was due to a contract the pair signed in 1989, handing over full financial auntonomy to Goldstein.

Sly Stone has been recently living in a white camper van in Los Angeles due to financial problems. Parking alongside a residential street, and using homeowners showers out of charity, he records music on a laptop in his home on wheels.


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