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Bronx 79 A New Documentary Detailing The Birth Of Hip Hop Culture

new documentary Bronx 79 on history of hip hop culture| Cone Magazine

Bronx 79 is a documentary that tries to deliver the story behind the birth of Hip Hop culture.

Within the last few years there has been a wealth of new hip hop documentaries coming out, what with Beats, Rhymes and Life, Shake The Dust, the outstanding Nas: Time is Illmatic, and more recently the forthcoming Fresh Dressed. Now we have Bronx 79, a look at the birth story of Hip Hop’s culture.

Hip Hop has been one of the most impactful youth culture movements in the past 40 years. It is a culture built on success stories of rags to riches from the disadvantaged minorities of America.

Brought to us by director Peter Mishara of PMISH Films, Bronx 79 features personal accounts from the people who were there at the very beginning, with original stock footage and photography. Including interviews with artists like DJ Disco Wiz and Joe Conzo, as well as author Jeff Chang, who also documented hip hops history in his book Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop.

Click above to watch the official extended trailer. As of yet there is no release date set

Check out where it all began, the south bronx 1979.



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